Mass Amplify Show


The Mass Amplify Show with Britt Michaelian is a popular podcast that dives into the stories of the world’s top authors, influencers, entrepreneurs, speakers and business leaders who have built powerful brands through innovation, fearlessness, creative digital content, strategic social networking and by gathering a loyal audience to amplify their message.

In each 30 minute episode, you will hear guests like Guy Kawasaki, Jen Groover, Bryan Kramer, Porter Gale, Ted Rubin, Lydia McLaughlin, Brian Fanzo and more share personal stories, resources, tools and techniques that will inspire you to apply their insights to your journey so you can achieve similar or better results.

Mass Amplify Show discussion topics range from lifestyle choices to branding mistakes and PR tips to marketing trends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and other social networking platforms. Listeners gain encouragement to pursue their personal and professional goals using social media to amplify the greatness in business and life.

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