Life is short.

Each moment is a gift.

Be good to people.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kris Wagner Wittenberg, Founder of Be Good to People for an upcoming episode of the Mass Amplify Show. She told me of several stories that continue to inspire her to get the word out about her core message. People insulting one another in line for coffee. People on a plane being rude to flight attendants. People choosing to be mean instead of taking a deep breath and finding a peaceful solution to whatever challenge they are facing.

We see it happen on social media all the time. Rude comments. Word battles. Insults. Accusations. Judgement. Why? Children, adults, all ages, sizes and colors need to remember that we are here to love one another. Take the time to appreciate and enjoy one another and enjoy life more.

This is a message that needs to be amplified more than anything else on social media. 

This is a message that matters.

We are not here to be right or to be better than others. We are not here to “get there” first or with more things than other people.

We are here to love. Online, offline, everywhere, every day.

No one is immune to a bad mood or a short temper, but keep yourself in check.

No one is perfect, but remember every day to be good to people. 

Kris wears t shirts with this message on the front and often finds herself pointing the message as people around her forget to be kind. It was so refreshing to hear her speak of her mission and how she uses kindness to spread kindness.

The world can never have too much kindness. Ever.

Later in the day, I learned that a child we know, a beautiful, sweet, angelic friend of our family was admitted to the hospital. She has a brain tumor. As we heard this news, my heart sank while my daughters fought with one another over something trivial (as it always is). It took the message to a new level.

Be good to people because you never know how much time you or they have here. 

This morning, I logged into my Facebook account to find that two friends (one of whom has been a guest and shared so much wisdom on the Mass Amplify Show) who are spreading so much love in the world were brutally attacked last night. The police responded that there was nothing they could do (despite the fact that they knew who one of the assailants was). Really?

Has the world forgotten that beating people up is not okay? This isn’t a matter of being unkind, this is a matter of almost killing two amazing souls who are granting wishes to people in need. Are you okay with this? Because I am certainly not.

This is OUR WORLD.

We have to stop waiting for others to shape up and look in the mirror at ourselves. We need to stand up and say enough is enough. We don’t need police or the government or a superhero to make sure that bullies and attackers are “taken care of”. We need to start spreading kindness by being kind. We need to make our world an outer reflection of the beauty within.

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This is not about pointing the finger at anyone and shaming them either.

This is about being the change we want to see in the world and giving others a reminder to do the same because life is too short to spend a moment being anything other than kind and loving.

If you are reading this and you want to do something, please share this post. Amplify this message. 

Grab a t shirt or a coffee cup, give one as a gift and start spreading the word ‘Be Good to People’ by LIVING it, loving it and sharing it. The world needs this message to go viral. There’s no time to lose.

It matters now.

Life is short.

Be good to people.

Thank you.