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Social Media Marketing Monetization Strategies AKA Social Selling Secrets

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Social media, is it a business model?


It is a marketing tactic.

Is there a way to monetize social media?

Yes, if your business plan outlines exactly how you will generate revenue from specific social media related activities and you implement these revenue generating activities on a consistent basis, you may be able to monetize your social media operations.

However, tweeting and posting to Facebook all day is not a monetization strategy. It is either procrastination, an addiction or a poor business model.

Many business owners are confused about the idea of monetization when it comes to social media.  So let’s take a look at where this befuddlement is coming from and break it down…

How many people on Twitter have you seen with the words  “social media expert” or “social media marketer” …or my favorite “certified social media expert” in their bio?  While this may seem like an impressive title to hold, the real question is… are these people making money doing this and how are they experts in something that is in a state of perpetual evolution?

If you have this title in your Twitter bio, I mean no offense to you, but you may want to reconsider this label. Here’s why, in a few years everyone is going to be a social media expert (at least in their own mind) and everyone is going to have a measurable level of influence. So, if you haven’t done some work to figure out what differentiates you from the everyone else on social media, now is the time.

Tip #1: Be specific about what you do.

Claiming to be an expert in social media is like claiming to be an expert in life. If you are a marketing consultant that helps businesses to develop a long-lasting relationship with their audience through social media, that is something that will set you apart from the rest of the social media “gurus” out there. Have a tagline or an elevator pitch in your bio across all platforms that let’s your target audience know what kind of work you do and how it will make their life better.

Social media is a form of marketing.  It is a great way to strike up conversations with people who share common interests, get some exposure for or from brands while being the fastest way to build your global reputation. And if your goal is to be a brand ambassador, great! Start following brand ambassadors that work with brands in your niche and see how they are tagging their work.

No longer do small businesses and brands have to rely on shaking hands at trade shows and conferences if they want to build relationships with buyers and consumers as their only way of connecting (although this is still a tried and true way to make connections and there is a link at the bottom of the page to give you some tips in this area). Now, they can engage with buyers, consumers, distributors, journalists and even Oprah right on social media, 24/7!

Tip #2: If you want to make money through your social media efforts, make it clear how people can benefit if they pay you for your products or services.

If you are hanging up a shingle that labels you as a social media expert, how are you generating revenue? Are you selling programs that teach business owners how to use social media using a system that will get desired results because it did the same for you? Are you consulting businesses on how to reach their target demographic? Are you implementing strategies and performing social media marketing operations for companies?  Are you facilitating connections between brands and consumers or big brands and small businesses? Are you designing software for businesses that lets them manage and track their social media engagement? What exactly is your social media revenue model?  Without one, there is no way to make money through social media. This is essential to your success.

Simply sending out tweets or Facebook updates and gathering followers, likes and RTs isn’t enough to pay the bills or to get savvy business owners to hire you – even if you have hundreds of thousands of followers.  If you want to turn a profit, you must have a plan for making sales while building relationships with decision makers who will hire you.

If you are offering a service that provides social media marketing for businesses, how do you plan to measure and track your results? Is there a cost associated with this? How does that affect your bottom line? Your plan will outline all of your expenses, goals and projections.

Tip #3: If you want to be successful at social media marketing, be professional and respectful online and off.

Look for ways to be better than the competition not by having a title that says so, but by being it. Stay current on social media marketing news, trends and events and share this information with your clients so that they know, like and trust you and your work.  Go above and beyond the scope of work and see how fast word travels on social media about how awesome you are.

As with any type of business, if you want to make money, you must have a plan.  It doesn’t have to be a fifty page document, but it does have to outline in detail: who you are, what you have to offer, how you plan to get the word out about your offerings, who will be on your team and how you plan to grow.  This plan will be useful for your team, potential investors or if you ever want to sell your company.

Remember, social media marketing is a tactic, not a business model.  If you want to make money, you have to have something of value to offer, something that solves a pain point for a specific audience that is willing and able to pay you for your solution.


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In episode #5 of the Mass Amplify Show, Kim Garst shares her thoughts on social selling and monetizing your social media marketing efforts. Enjoy! 

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10 Easy Steps to Shooting a Professional Video With Your Smart Phone

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With the evolution of technology, it is incredible how much video has changed over the past few years. It is no longer necessary to hire a production crew to shoot, edit and distribute your video content.

In fact, nowadays you don’t even need a video camera to shoot videos that speak to your audience in a way that gets noticed. Video, now more than ever, is the best way to connect with your prospects and engage your audience to know, like and trust you.

Have you been sitting on the sidelines of the video revolution, telling yourself that you really should start getting some videos out there?

If so, this post will be the trigger that gets you into the game.

In 2006, when I shot wedding videos and corporate documentaries, I carried a big fancy Canon GLX, a professional camera that I would lug around in a heavy hard case that held a shotgun microphone, lights with varying intensities, cassette tapes to record footage, chargers and all kinds of other bells and whistles. In addition, I always had a huge, metal tripod dangling from my shoulder, despite the fact that the majority of my footage was captured on the go. It was all about the equipment back then. It was expensive and you needed a lot of it to get quality footage.

Fast forward to today… I am still shooting videos for clients, but now I carry an iPhone, a splitter, 2 lavalier microphones, a mini-tripod and a charger that all fits inconspicuously into my purse. In fact, things have changed so much that sometimes I don’t even need to upload the footage to my computer to edit before uploading to YouTube, Vimeo or other social video sites. I can do it all with my iPhone and so can you.

Social videos are an essential part of marketing in today’s age of social media and digital marketing.

Now, here is the fun part. Are you ready to shoot amazing videos with your iPhone (or other smart phone)? Here is your step by step guide to creating professional videos that speak to your audience using your iPhone.

What you will need: an iPhone (or other smart phone), a tripod (or something to prop your phone up while you shoot), good lighting, a quiet space to shoot.


Step-by-step process to shooting your great video:

  1. Decide on the message you want to deliver that will help your audience to achieve a desired result quickly, with ease, having more fun or in some way better than before they watched the video.
  2. Find a place in your home or office that is quiet, well lit and where you feel comfortable. If you have a wall that is white or a solid color that you can stand in front of, this can be the perfect place to deliver your message while looking like you are in a professional studio. In my house, believe it or not… this perfect room is the bathroom!
  3. Quiet the space. Close all windows and doors. Turn off any fans, heaters or other noises in the room. If you have children, try to shoot when they are napping or at school, so you aren’t distracted.
  4. Place your phone in a tripod or propped against books or other objects. Make sure to have the camera on the phone set to face you, so that you can shoot and watch yourself on the screen at the same time.
  5. Shoot a 5 second test before you begin shooting the video. Check for lighting (bright enough that you can see yourself but not so bright that you look washed out), sound (loud enough that you can be heard without any background noise of trucks driving by, kids crying or TVs in the background), visuals (check your hair etc and make sure to design the shot so that whatever you see in the frame is exactly meant to be there). Remove anything extra or distracting so your viewer can focus on you and your message.
  6. Write down the 3 key points of the video on a Post-it note and place the note above the tiny camera lens on your iPhone. This will help you to remember what you are going to say while also helping you to look in the right place while filming.
  7. Shoot a 1-2 minute video that quickly and concisely conveys a smart, easy and fun message. Don’t forget to encourage social sharing by asking your viewers to like your video and comment on it if they find the information useful.
  8. Once you are finished shooting, review the footage for good lighting and sound. If you want to crop the footage before you upload to YouTube, slide your finger slowly along the clip bar at the top of the video screen until a cropping prompt appears.
  9. When you feel the video is ready to share, click the share button (rectangle with an arrow on it) and then click the YouTube icon. A screen will appear where you can add a title and description. Use the Google Keyword Tool to create an SEO friendly title and tags so you increase the search results for your video.
  10. Don’t forget to post the video to all of your social profiles. Embed it on your blog and commit to posting videos a few times a week so you can finally get your groove on with the social video revolution.

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If you are interested in learning more about how you can generate revenue for your business via video marketing, enjoy episode #6 of the Mass Amplify Show with popular Youtuber Carlie Butler aka Carlie Stylez:

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Twitter Tips for Beginners Who Want To Tweet Like The Pros

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“I have learned the novice can often see things that the expert overlooks. All that is necessary is not to be afraid of making mistakes, or of appearing naïve.”

— Abraham Maslow

Twitter has been around for a few years, but there are still some business owners sitting on the sidelines, intimidated to dive in.

For those of you who are still not quite sure how to tap into Twitter or if you have clients who are asking about how to get started on Twitter, here are some tips as you surf the waves of the Twitterverse.

  1. Don’t be afraid of Twitter. In the beginning, simply follow a handful of high profile figures in your industry and watch how they interact.
  2. When you retweet a quote or blog post from your smart phone, if you select “quote” it allows you to add a comment, making the interaction a conversation.
  3. In the beginning of your Twitter journey, you won’t have a lot of followers but that doesn’t mean you aren’t important. Followers will come when you consistently engage in conversations that inspire, inform, educate, entertain and connect with others.
  4. Tweet with a smile. :)
  5. Direct messages (DMs) are like mini-emails. Don’t spam your followers. Appreciate and respect them.
  6. Auto-DMs are messages that are automatically are sent when people follow you. They are frowned upon on Twitter and will immediately make you look unprofessional.
  7. Religion and politics on Twitter will invite critics and potential verbal attacks. If you don’t want to engage in this type of conversation, you should stay away from these topics.
  8. Don’t be afraid to block people if they are confrontational, condescending or critical of your tweets. If they harass you, report them to Twitter support.
  9. Think of Twitter as a curation of content and ideas. Share quotes, tips, blog posts, news and ideas that you find interesting and useful while also jumping into conversations with people that you want to connect with.
  10. Thank people for sharing your tweets, blog posts, videos, etc.
  11. Thank people for being inspiring and motivational to you.
  12. #Hashtags are used to underscore topics of interest and to identify chats. They make it easy to search conversion topics. If you click on a hashtag like #smallbiz #socialmedia #foodie #brandchat you will be taken to a page where you will see all of the tweets that have gone out with that hashtag. This is a great way to find people to follow who have common interests or to follow chats.
  13. Tweet chats, also called Twitter parties are online events that take place at certain times during the day, week or month to discuss specific topics. They are a great way to meet people on Twitter! If there is a host that is interviewing a guest, they will ask questions of the guest. You can RT and add your comments to the guest’s answers or the host’s questions. If it is “open mic” they will ask questions of participants and you will respond with your answers.
  14. If you are participating in a tweet chat, it is considered rude to add any additional hashtags for other chats or communities in the chat “stream” unless you have an invitation to do so from the host.
  15. Set a timer when you use Twitter. Don’t feel like you have to be “on” Twitter all day. 15-30 minutes a day is enough. If you find yourself using Twitter too much, unplug and set boundaries.
  16. If you are using Twitter to promote your business or build your brand, you still need to interact, share, express gratitude and have a personality. Don’t make the mistake of only using your Twitter account to “broadcast” or promote only your products and services, your blog posts, your quotes, your stuff. Twitter is a community. You have to give back if you want people to listen and connect with you.
  17. Twitter is a great way to connect with potential vendors and clients, but don’t forget to do background and gut checks. There are a lot of phonies out there. Google people you interact with on Twitter to make sure your values are aligned.
  18. Don’t click on links in DMs unless you know the sender and the message makes sense. There are viruses and worms in many of those links that will take over your account. Links that are from and other link shortening systems are disguised. Don’t click on them! If you accidentally do click on one, change your password ASAP.
  19. People (even high profile influencers) buy followers on Twitter, so just because someone has hundreds of thousands of followers doesn’t mean that they are more “important” than you. Value is what matters on Twitter, not numbers.
  20. There is a difference between being “authentic” and sharing too much. Have clear boundaries with how much you share about your personal life on Twitter. If you don’t want to offend anyone, it is best NOT to tweet. Also, be careful tweeting and drinking… Your tweets are permanent and if you aren’t 100% of sound mind, you may want to have a no tweeting and drinking rule that you stick to.
  21. If you have a question about how best to approach Twitter, don’t be afraid to ask influencers or your followers their thoughts. Twitter is a great place to ask questions and get candid answers that will help you to be the best you can be online and off!

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How Criticism Can Push Your Brand To New Heights

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When I was a little girl, I remember learning about constructive and destructive criticism. I just couldn’t understand how someone telling me or anyone else that we were doing something wrong could actually help a situation. I felt that telling a person what they were doing wrong was just plain mean…
Then, when I was in college, an entire day each week was devoted to critiquing our classmates’ work. This was when I learned about another term, peer review.

Peer review is the evaluation of work by other people in the same field (of equal or higher ranking) in order to maintain or enhance the quality of the work in that field.

Sometimes we can’t see our own limitations, so feedback from those in our field can help us to see where we can make improvements.

Unfortunately, sometimes even in business this criticism does come in destructive forms, which immediately cause many of us to put our defenses up in order to shield ourselves from the pain of words that may be hard to swallow. The truth is, many of us are not taught to give or receive criticism in constructive ways, so when we are delivered the truth in a form that is hard to digest, we simply devalue the message and discard it as mean. When we do this, we are missing the lesson.



Criticism is actually a gift, but how you respond to it can determine whether or not you receive the blessings that could help you to improve your work. Inevitably, not all criticism will be handed to you with kindness and many times, it is layered in judgement. However, if you can take the time to discern the message in the criticism, that is where the learning opportunity lies.

Fact: Criticism is a part of life. 

Fact: Not all of us are taught to accept and learn from criticism, especially when it is delivered in a hurtful form. When children are taught to receive criticism, they are more confident, more resilient and more adept at handling tough situations.

As entrepreneurs, and more specifically as solo-preneurs who work autonomously, we lack the peer review that can be an instrument for growth in our work. Social media allows business owners to step outside the vacuum of our business and to connect with our peers and target audience. It also allows us to keep a close eye on our reputation and how others perceive us.

How often do you search your name on the search engines? Have you ever looked for negative comments about you? Have you ever searched Facebook or Twitter to see if people are talking about you or your brand in a negative way? How would you respond if you found something that stung or that misrepresented you?

The criticism that can arise from our clients and peers on social media is necessary in order for us to spot our weaknesses and make corrections. Have you ever noticed that the conversations that occur on social media are very similar to the “water cooler” conversations that take place in an office? These conversations can be an excellent way for you to see exactly how others perceive you, which gives you the ability to make adjustments to your reputation. If you want to leverage social media to better your business, use these conversations as a spring board to propel you forward.

When the fire of criticism comes your way…

It may be difficult to face head on, but if you can take a step back from your ego, shut off your defenses and remove your emotions for a moment, you may just learn exactly what you needed to hear in order to take your business to the next level.


Alexis Neely has faced a ton of criticism on social media, heck there are even blogs devoted to bashing her. She shared her story and how she handles the haters on Mass Amplify Show episode #8. Listen here and let us know your thoughts in the comments:

5 Tips For Taking Twitter Connections To The Next Level

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Twitter is a great platform to connect with people all over the world.

If you tweet often enough, you may even feel like your Twitter connections know you on a different level than your offline friends. We truly are living in a new era of connection possibilities, which is why knowing why you are participating in social media to begin with is essential to knowing how to maximize your connections.

If you find yourself tweeting with someone often, sharing personal experiences and really developing a genuine friendship, this is usually an indication that an IRL connection would be welcome.

It can sometimes feel awkward taking a social media friendship to new heights, so take it slow and don’t feel slighted if your contact doesn’t reciprocate your desire to connect further. Everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to social interactions. Some people simply prefer to keep social media connections on social media for a variety of reasons, but that can change over time.

Here are 5 ways to take your Twitter (and other social networking) friendships to a deeper level.

  1. Direct message to email. The first step in taking a Twitter connection to IRL level is direct message. If someone doesn’t respond to a DM, that doesn’t always mean that they are ignoring you. It is a fact that some people simply do not check their DMs because they get so many spam messages (especially people with large followings). To get a contact’s attention, try sending a tweet that asks how you can connect out of the Twitter stream (this works especially well if you get specific about what you would like to discuss). Suggest that they DM you their email or phone number to talk about how it might benefit them. I am a big believer in the win-win, so the more you can get clear on providing value to your connections, the better!
  2. Set up a phone appointment. Have a goal in mind. People who are active on social media tend to be busy promoting their core business, so this can be a great place to start with the next phase of your connection. You may want to interview this person for a blog post, share resources or talk about ways that you may be able to support one another’s work. Keep it to a brief 15-20 minutes so you have enough time to check in, but not so long that it cuts into your daily productivity. Short and sweet is always preferred. While it’s great to be able to take your friendship to a deeper level, having boundaries when it comes to time is always important.
  3. Interview on Skype or Google Hangout. Not every meeting on video has to be broadcast to the masses. You can actually have a one on one exchange that feels a lot like a phone call, but includes the fun of visual interaction. I love it when I am about to be interviewed as a guest on a Google Hangout and the host asks to check in with me for 5-10 minutes (offline) beforehand. This gives us a chance to get to know communication styles, timing and humor before we go “live” while also giving us a chance to connect without having to be “on” for viewers. If you like to host Google Hangouts and you have a decent sized audience, this can be a great way to connect with thought leaders in your niche… invite her or him for a Hangout with a specific topic and set up a quick “coffee” date before the interview.
  4. Meet up at a conference. If you and one of your connections will both be attending the same conference or if your contact is speaking at a conference, this is an excellent opportunity to meet in person for the first time. While conferences tend to be busy and the days get full, I prefer to meet new contacts in the morning before the day gets away from us. If possible, arrange to have coffee for 15-30 minutes before the morning keynote session. This way, you have a set time to meet and you both know that you won’t miss one another if session run over or things come up throughout the day. When I am speaking, I don’t always have time for coffee but I love connecting with social media friends in the back of the room after the presentation so don’t feel shy asking a contact if they will be free for a quick meet and greet.
  5. Coffee, lunch… a hike. There have been times where I have visited a town where a social media friend lives and we have met up for coffee, lunch and even a hike! As long as both parties are free and open to connecting, this can be a wonderful way to meet up with friends all over the world. As with all contacts, be respectful of one another’s time and energy.

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The beauty of social media is that we can connect with people all over the world. This is a wonderful gift and something that has changed the way we can all build brands, do business and live our lives. As with everything in life, be smart, be kind, be respectful, be yourself and enjoy your time connecting!

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In episode #14 of the Mass Amplify Show, Phil Mershon of Social Media Examiner shares some great tips for building your social media connections at events:

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Is Your Digital Marketing Plan Attracting The Right Audience?

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Whether you are writing a business plan for a new venture or in the throws of growing an existing business, a marketing plan is essential for attracting clients. A well designed and properly executed marketing plan can mean the difference between a profitable business with healthy sales or a business that never gets off the ground. Sustained profitability is achieved when combined with strategic marketing, consistent sales, smart financial systems and a great team. While strategy is important in every aspect of business, the digital marketing plan is the heart of any business.

Sad truth: a business can have a mediocre product with killer marketing and thrive, while a business with an exceptional product and poor marketing can fail.

Designing a digital marketing plan that attracts the core demographic you want to target begins with research. Once you know your brand inside and out, your vision and what you want to achieve with your company, it’s time to think about who is going to buy what you have to offer. Whether you are selling your specialty services or coming up with the next great mobile app, you need to have a keen understanding about who your target market is. Aside from age, sex and geography, you need to know what makes them buy into a brand.

Start by finding a few people who embody your ideal client (ie: they love what you are doing already and they aren’t your mom). Ask them every question you can about their desires, passions and problems. Have them list their 5 favorite brands in a number of different categories. Look for patterns in your fans because these are the touch points that will help guide you.

Did they go to college? Do they watch TV? What shows are their favorites? Do they eat out or make their own food at home? Do they drink Starbucks coffee or organic green tea from a local shop? What do they love to do with their time? How often are they on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube? Are they on Google+? Do they prefer videos, blog posts or Instagram photos? What do they think about world affairs? Politics? Obviously you want to ask questions that relate to your product category, but the more information you can get, the better!

If you are asking for an hour of time for these people to give you their information, make sure you are giving them something worth while in exchange, at the very least… a Starbucks gift card for $25!

Your goal with market research is to know exactly WHO you are dealing with in order to attract them with your brand messaging. Once you understand who you are trying to attract and what language and imagery they will respond to, you can create the content that they will identify with.

Your digital marketing plan should include a promotion strategy for delivering your brand messaging. Within this strategy, you will outline tactics that can include digital press releases, social networking, sponsored Twitter chats, online ads, Google Hangouts, mobile ads, mobile apps, blog posts, viral videos, influencer campaigns, brand ambassador programs, podcasts, in-person events and more.

The amount of market saturation that you can achieve will be influenced by your budget, which is why designing your marketing plan with phases is important. If your funds are limited, you may want to start with more cost effective strategies like blog posts (with keywords and interesting titles), social networking, digital press releases and Google Hangouts and add on as your brand grows.

Consistency is key to build momentum and trust with your audience, so having an editorial calendar that outlines each tactic with set deadlines will keep you organized and engaged. As your brand visibility increases and sales roll in, you can begin phase 2 of your plan, which might include a small amount of online ads, a viral video campaign and tweet chats that you sponsor. Whatever phase you are in, keep it simple, trackable and scalable so you can pull back or increase volume if need be.

As you reach each new stage of brand development, you will be watching clicks, likes, impressions, favorites, mentions, views and engagement to see what content is attracting the most attention. Follower numbers are important if you are looking for investors, but they are not necessarily an indicator of value. With each tactic you implement from your marketing plan, pay attention to what gets results and do more of that.

In the digital age, brands that are most appealing to audiences are not only engaged in promoting their own messaging, they are heavily involved in educating, entertaining and interacting with their audience.

Powerful digital brands understand that marketing is not only about reaching your own goals, but helping others to achieve theirs. Brand partnerships, joint ventures, social good and influencer programs where brands benefit from leveraging one another’s audiences are becoming more common. Whether you build this collaborative model into your marketing plan or suggest it as a tactic to use in the future, the win-win is a model that will always attract more eyeballs, which may lead to an increase in sales.

No matter how big or small your business is, a marketing plan that guides you toward your brand vision is an essential part of your success. Design your plan by starting small and staying within your budget, but plan for growth and incorporate new tactics as your brand expands and new opportunities present themselves. Stick to your plan, but remain flexible so that you can adjust your sails if the market shifts or a new demographic opens up to your brand.

Marketing is the fun part of business because it allows you to be creative and to get involved with how your offerings help others. Creating a marketing plan may seem like a big undertaking, but once you outline how everything unfolds, it allows you to focus on activating your programs and growing your brand.

In episode #19 of Mass Amplify Show, Mark Schaefer shares some simple but powerful thoughts about digital marketing, based on his bestselling book The Content Code:

10 Simple Ways to Positively Impact Your Social Media and Life

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Three years ago, I held my mom in my arms as her soul left her diseased and damaged body. She fought for 2 years using an arsenal of chemotherapy, radiation, diet, fitness and meditation. Our family watched in awe as she surrendered to the process while still putting up a fight with grace and heart.

Her death was a horrifyingly beautiful lesson in humanity and a wake up call to what really matters in life. Love.

How could something so devastating be so beautiful? It’s all in the lessons.

She showed up with a smile wherever she went despite having just received a dose of poison or not being able to breath deeply. She spoke softly but her words were powerful. She listened. She spent her time raising money to give to the poor, playing bridge with her friends, cooking for her family, traveling the world and checking off her bucket list. Her diagnosis shifted her personality from someone who could never enjoy the moment to someone who wouldn’t miss it for the world. She was never a victim. She designed her life with precision. It is the way we all should live.

Cancer was a strange gift to our family. We miss my mom, but her spirit is still guiding us, lifting us, loving us. Through adversity we found ourselves and we realized what mattered. Through love, we truly live.

By putting love into every thing we do, in every moment, we make a difference in the world.

Here are some simple things you can do to add love to your life, to simplify the things that take your attention away from what matters and to bring you back into the moment, right now:

  1. Be thoughtful. Send notes. Make phone calls on important days. Reach out. Let people know that you are thinking about them and wanting the best for them.
  2. Set reminders in the Calendar app of your device to say hello, give thanks, share news, send flowers for someone’s birthday (repeat every year), participate in conversations on specific social media channels at peak times. Take remembering out of the equation by giving yourself loving reminders to breath, to take daily walks, to enjoy the moment.
  3. Automate the basics. Quotes from thought leaders you admire. Links to your favorite YouTube videos. Popular blog posts you love. Resources you recommend for your specific audience. It’s okay to automate these things on social media (I love Tweet Jukebox) when it allows you to connect with your life, knowing that your friends and followers are finding inspiration through your posts.
  4. Check in regularly. Talk, tweet, text, share, like, comment, listen to the people who matter to you in life. Connect. Listen. Allow yourself to be FULLY present. (Set reminders to do this and shut everything else off for these moments.)
  5. Stay current with the trends in your areas of interest. Know what visuals and experiences your audience is attracted to. Read the news in your industry. Subscribe to 3-5 leading industry blogs. Follow emerging leaders in the field. Share their content. Set reminders to spend 15-20 minutes a week catching up on the trends and then forget about it, knowing that there is NOTHING more here that needs your attention. You’ve got it. So, you can now focus on loving the people in your life instead of worrying that you are somehow “behind”.
  6. Be the light. Smile. Focus on the lessons. Learn to be a better person and share your journey with others in some form or another. If you find yourself in “victim mode” notice that and then shift into “solution mode” ASAP. You are not a victim. You are a vibrant soul who has meaning and purpose and you make the world a better place. Trust that. Honor that. Be who you were put on this earth to be.
  7. Grow your mind, your heart and your network. When you read books, listen to the wisdom and truth of others and talk to people with your heart, your life experience will become so full that you can’t help but smile through every day. Seek to grow. Seek to love. Seek to share.
  8. Stay in touch.  We all get busy, but people matter more than anything else. It is okay for there to be gaps in time when you don’t talk to someone, but if it’s someone that touched your heart, make the effort. Love matters. Don’t put the phone call off. At the very least, send a quick text that you are thinking of them. Send an old photo that shows a memory. Keep connections strong with love and care.
  9. Be thoughtful. Send notes. Make phone calls on important days. Say bless you when a stranger sneezes. Open doors for people. Give compliments. Notice when people are doing good work. Thank them for that. Help others to feel that they matter.
  10. Set an example of excellence. In all aspects of your life, look to excel. Learn how to dance. Learn new languages. Appreciate art. Acknowledge the beauty in people. Push yourself to be more, to honor your soul’s purpose, to live to the BEST of your ability. Be excellent.
  11. Look for opportunities that benefit all. You are supposed to thrive and do cool stuff even as you evolve. Open your heart to connecting with the things that lift you and everyone around you to a better way of living with compassion. Look for ways to give back. Talk to homeless people. Look them in the eye when they ask for money and if you can’t share a coin, at least ask them how they are doing. Treat all people with respect and love. Online and off.
  12. Be you. Don’t try to be anyone else or to live up to anyone else’s expectations of you. Just be. Whether this is meditation or prayer or just silence. Whatever it is, only you know. Be the best version of you that you know how to be in every moment. When you make mistakes (and you will) make amends quickly and forgive others for their mistakes. Don’t ever apologize for being human or for speaking your truth (as long as you are being respectful). You don’t have to do big things in order to be happy, but you do have to love and the more you love, the happier you and the WORLD will be.

If you feel that this message is something you would like to share with the world, I hope you pass this post along to your loved ones. This is one of the ways that I give back and share love, by writing and sharing the lessons I have learned.

Thank you for making a positive impact on the world.


If you want to hear from someone who is creating a movement of positivity, enjoy this episode of Mass Amplify Show with Kris Wittenberg of Be Good to People:

Jodi Okun on Mass Amplify Show

Why Your Business Needs a Twitter Crush (or Ten)

By on in mass amplify show, social media for business

In this post by Mass Amplify Show guest Jodi Okun, you will learn the power of having what Jodi calls a “Twitter Crush.” I like to refer to these types as unofficial mentors or social role models.

Do you have a Twitter crush who has made a difference for you? Thank them!

Thank you to my Twitter Crushes: <insert Twitter handles here>! Click To Tweet

One thing is certain, if you want to kick it up a notch with your digital brand, consciously choose one to ten people who inspire you on social media, check in with their stream daily, retweet their posts (use Buffer if you have to space them out) that resonate with you, pay attention to who they have conversations with and how they grow their brand. And always make sure to thank them for inspiring you.


Now, without further adieu… a word from the lovely Jodi Okun:

Yes, it is true Twitter crushes have inspired me to be a better small business owner. They help me to create marketing processes and systems to keep my brand fresh, up to date and cutting edge. These fundamentals for incorporating Twitter as part of a small business strategy can also help you to grow your business. Let me explain…

Becoming an active participant in the Twitter universe can help you to generate leads, share information with prospects or customers, and build a brand image.

Twitter for any brand is a perfect place to get comfortable on social media. Find your brand voice and bring your personal style into 140 characters. Keep it simple. Follow and get to know people and brands on social media and nurture those relationships off line at conferences, meetings and hangouts.

I admit I have been on social media for several years now, but at first I remember thinking it was hard to figure out what to say. I wondered who would talk to me, who should I talk to? Many of the same questions I had, other business owners have about themselves and their brand. Being a systems lover, I began a project in my company where I picked several people on Twitter who I felt were doing great work, I followed them, learned about their brand, read every blog post, Twitter post, and e-newsletter – and this is where my crushing began.

As a business owner I value education. I am an avid learner, absorb information at lightening pace and read everything I can get my hands on. So, I want to clarify that a Twitter crush is not a romantic crush at all. It is more like having a teacher that doesn’t really know you’re in their class, but they give you tons of valuable information that can make a huge difference in your business. You know their brand, you know their sense of humor, their message, their story. Agreeing with one of their tweets or a series of tweets that strike you in that laugh out loud mode while you are working, roaming around Twitter is like having someone at the office who you enjoy taking breaks with but who also inspires you to be better.

A Twitter crush for me is networking brought to life. When I meet my Twitter crush I say, “Hi, Here is what I do (so nice to finally meet you) tell me more about you. How can we get to together and do better things in business? “

Many successful entrepreneurs reflect on their mentors who have brought concrete learning to manage steps in life and business. Twitter crushes are another way to define a mentor. It is someone who brings value to what you are doing in business or life. Now go out and find your Twitter crushes and when you meet them in person thank them. I can guarantee they will appreciate you taking the time to let them know that the work they are doing is making an impact.


Keep Calm and Be Good to People

The Viral Message That Matters Most ‘Be Good to People’

By on in mass amplify show

Life is short.

Each moment is a gift.

Be good to people.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kris Wagner Wittenberg, Founder of Be Good to People for an upcoming episode of the Mass Amplify Show. She told me of several stories that continue to inspire her to get the word out about her core message. People insulting one another in line for coffee. People on a plane being rude to flight attendants. People choosing to be mean instead of taking a deep breath and finding a peaceful solution to whatever challenge they are facing.

We see it happen on social media all the time. Rude comments. Word battles. Insults. Accusations. Judgement. Why? Children, adults, all ages, sizes and colors need to remember that we are here to love one another. Take the time to appreciate and enjoy one another and enjoy life more.

This is a message that needs to be amplified more than anything else on social media. 

This is a message that matters.

We are not here to be right or to be better than others. We are not here to “get there” first or with more things than other people.

We are here to love. Online, offline, everywhere, every day.

No one is immune to a bad mood or a short temper, but keep yourself in check.

No one is perfect, but remember every day to be good to people. 

Kris wears t shirts with this message on the front and often finds herself pointing the message as people around her forget to be kind. It was so refreshing to hear her speak of her mission and how she uses kindness to spread kindness.

The world can never have too much kindness. Ever.

Later in the day, I learned that a child we know, a beautiful, sweet, angelic friend of our family was admitted to the hospital. She has a brain tumor. As we heard this news, my heart sank while my daughters fought with one another over something trivial (as it always is). It took the message to a new level.

Be good to people because you never know how much time you or they have here. 

This morning, I logged into my Facebook account to find that two friends (one of whom has been a guest and shared so much wisdom on the Mass Amplify Show) who are spreading so much love in the world were brutally attacked last night. The police responded that there was nothing they could do (despite the fact that they knew who one of the assailants was). Really?

Has the world forgotten that beating people up is not okay? This isn’t a matter of being unkind, this is a matter of almost killing two amazing souls who are granting wishes to people in need. Are you okay with this? Because I am certainly not.

This is OUR WORLD.

We have to stop waiting for others to shape up and look in the mirror at ourselves. We need to stand up and say enough is enough. We don’t need police or the government or a superhero to make sure that bullies and attackers are “taken care of”. We need to start spreading kindness by being kind. We need to make our world an outer reflection of the beauty within.

It's time to remind the world... Be GOOD to People. #BeGoodToPeople Click To Tweet

This is not about pointing the finger at anyone and shaming them either.

This is about being the change we want to see in the world and giving others a reminder to do the same because life is too short to spend a moment being anything other than kind and loving.

If you are reading this and you want to do something, please share this post. Amplify this message. 

Grab a t shirt or a coffee cup, give one as a gift and start spreading the word ‘Be Good to People’ by LIVING it, loving it and sharing it. The world needs this message to go viral. There’s no time to lose.

It matters now.

Life is short.

Be good to people.

Thank you.

Jessica Northey and Sissy on Authenticity

Two Qualities You Absolutely Must Have to Succeed in Business

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“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

– Nelson Mandela

It’s true.

Your success all boils down to two qualities. TWO.

And although the title of this post says these two qualities are essential for success in business, they are also essential for your own happiness, which is really what matters in life.

Every week, whether I’m interviewing guests on the Mass Amplify Show or meeting people in person, I am so grateful for the stories from authors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have been successful with their pursuits. The stories are what inspire the world to be better.

And these two qualities come shining through every time.



The interesting thing is that these two qualities affect everything from the choices we make to the people we serve and their experience of us to the impact we have on the world and how we view ourselves. This ripples out, touching everyone we connect with, which is why these qualities have such a tremendous amount of significance when it comes to the results we achieve, aka our “success”.


When you focus on these 2 qualities, it comes through in everything you do including social media. In fact, if you cultivate these 2 qualities, the impact you can have with social media will expand exponentially.

So, what are these two qualities?

Passion and authenticity.


Passion is what drives you to do the work you do. Click To Tweet

Without a healthy dose of passion in your day, it is nearly impossible to sustain your energy as you ride the ups and downs of life and business.


Authenticity is the glue that binds you to the people in your network. Click To Tweet


The more authentic you are, the stronger your connections will be. The stronger your connections are, the more support you will have in reaching your goals and the greater the likelihood that you will reach them.

The only way to be truly authentic is to do the inner work that is necessary so that you know yourself better than anyone else. So that you know your strengths and your weaknesses and you aren’t ashamed of them. So that you know your purpose and vision and nothing can get in the way of you living with them. So that you show up as a whole person, ready to serve others from a place of truth, integrity and love. That is what success looks like.


Yes, in all my research, the greatest leaders looked inward and were able to tell a good story with authenticity and passion.” – Deepak Chopra


Here are some episodes of the Mass Amplify Show that delve into passion and authenticity:

Episode #33 with Jeff Sheehan

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