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In Appreciation of Mothers

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In honor of  Mothers Day and all of the amazing moms that have shared their stories on the Mass Amplify Show, we have compiled this post with links to their episodes. Some are single moms who are looking for ways to support their families while following their dreams, some are married with a partner and share their challenges of juggling motherhood and ambition, but ALL of them will inspire you with their passion, drive, courage and creativity.

The thing I love about mom entrepreneurs is that they often speak of their kids when they talk about their businesses. So if you are a mom or if you have a mom, want to be a mom or if you just love your mom, please enjoy these beautiful moms as they share their stories of entrepreneurship, amplification, love and life.

Please make sure to thank these and all other moms in the world for their amazing work today and every day!  

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Mass Amplify Show with Lydia McLaughlin RHOC

Lydia McLaughlin on Building Brands, Leveraging Exposure and Life #BeyondOrangeCounty


Mass Amplify Show Patricia Rossi

Patricia Rossi on Twitter Connections, Getting Kneecap to Kneecap and Everyday Etiquette


Jen Groover on Mass Amplify Show

Jen Groover on QVC, Manifestation and Entpreneurial Evolution


AMY Vernon on Mass Amplify Show

Amy Vernon on Luck, Predictive Analytics, Journalism and Bacon


Alexis Neely on Mass Amplify Show

Alexis Neely on Living Out Loud, Handling Haters, Ayauasca and Branding Multiple Personalities


Carlie Butler CarlieStylezz on Mass Amplify Show

Carlie Butler on Youtube Content Creation, Branding Partnerships and Life as a Mom



Kim Garst on Social Selling, the Power of Images in Social Media and #BeYou


Porter Gale on Mass Amplify Show

Porter Gale on Entrepreneurial Passion, Consumer Expectations and How Marketing Has Changed



In Honor of the Entrepreneur #GetStartedOmaha

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Cox GetStartedOmaha winner

Last week, at Get Started Omaha, an event put on by Inc. magazine and Cox Business, I had the honor of giving a short keynote address to a room full of entrepreneurs. After the keynote, I participated in a panel discussion with a caliber of leaders that I was proud to be included amongst: Dean DeBiase, Chairman of Reboot Partners, Ken Kraft, VP of Marketing at Cox Business and Kris Frieswick, Sr Editor of Inc. magazine. As I prepared my thoughts for what I would say in the keynote, I was inspired to write this post to share with you the power of being an entrepreneur and the responsibility we all carry as we create the future.

Starting a business isn’t an easy endeavor and it’s not something everyone is inclined to do.

Among other things, entrepreneurship involves pursuing an idea, vision for what will help others solve a problem, deep commitment to your purpose, problem solving skills, flexibility and passion to see your vision through.  As someone who has started, sold and closed businesses, self-funded, pitched investors and VCs in private, on stage and over the phone in the middle of opening day at the Del Mar Race Track in San Diego (true story), I understand and appreciate what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Every week, I have the good fortune of being able to interview entrepreneurs, authors and thought leaders on the Mass Amplify Show and share their inspirational stories, lessons and thoughts with listeners.

Entrepreneurs are special.

We are a rare breed. Aren’t we?

We are passionate. We are creative. We often have so many ideas, we don’t know how we will accomplish all that we dream of. This is because we are creators at our core.

No matter what, once you get “bitten by the entrepreneur bug” it’s in your blood. We are problem solvers and “solutionists”. While some might say we create problems, give us enough time and we will find solutions you have never dreamed possible. It’s all part of a learning process that we thrive on.

We are brave and sometimes we are fearless.

We are leaders. We are collaborators. We are innovators.


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Entrepreneurs see the possibilities in life. By seeing the possibilities, we inspire others to see possibilities, to think about and find solutions, to pursue their dreams. And with this comes great responsibility.

Since we are creating the future, we need to be aware of how our businesses are right now (and in the future) impacting the world.

Are our creations really solving the problem we set out to solve or do they have the potential to create more problems?

We need to think long term about our solutions and not be afraid to delay our offerings until we are sure they will truly embody the vision for betterment we originally intend. One of the most celebrated entrepreneurs of all time is Steve Jobs. He knew and could see what his vision would mean to the world and it carried him through decades of visionary evolution. He was considerate of the power of his ideas and tried to stay as true to his vision as possible. However, as successful as he was, he had high highs and low lows, but he never gave up. He stayed so true to his vision that he was at times cast aside.



I believe we need to be willing to risk it all - to do the right thing sometimes. Click To Tweet


We entrepreneurs need to trust our intuition and to persevere not just in the name of “success” and wealth, but with the spirit of consciousness and awareness of the power we hold. This means we need to remember to be humble. To be aware of our strengths and our limitations. We need to think about how our creations can be used even when we are not in charge anymore.

We need to be willing to check our egos at the door and walk away when the downside (whatever that may be) is too great.

While many of us can get by on a few hours of sleep, we can’t forget the importance of valuing our own health as a part of our overall message. We need to be mindful of the example that we set for those who are watching us and studying our journey. This ties into our teams that support our vision and believe in our dreams as much as we do. We need to let them thrice in all areas of their lives. This includes investors and partners. Our teams need to be cultivated and nurtured and celebrated for the power they hold. They need to be lead by example so they can be inspired to lead and bring their gifts to the world.

This passion, vision, collaboration and creativity that entrepreneurs thrive on, it ripples out into the future. If you are a parent or a teacher, an aunt, uncle, cousin or grandparent who believes in your vision and takes steps toward it every day, you are inspiring future generations by living with purpose.



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It starts with that one little idea you have to start a business. To solve a problem. To follow your vision. And on behalf of all the people you inspire, thank you for dreaming and for having the courage to say, “Despite the chance that I may fail, I’m gonna do this!” and for taking action.

Thank you for setting an example to get back up when you fall. Thank you for trusting your intuition and letting your passion lead the way. Thank you for building teams that support the community and for believing that you can make a difference in the world with your business and your message, because you can.

We all can.

When one of us succeeds, we all do. 

Let us never forget to cheer one another on as we venture out and forge new paths. Never forget to celebrate the successes of entrepreneurs who reach their goals and the dreams of future entrepreneurs, for they deserve to be honored as the leaders they are. And never forget to take a moment to honor yourself for living a life with passion, creativity, courage and possibilities because WE are entrepreneurs and we are changing the world.

Thank you for believing you can.

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5 Ways to Use Images to Build Your Digital Community with Tips from @KimGarst #MassAmplify

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We live in a world driven by image. What we see can impact everything from how we think to what we purchase and when it comes to social media, where we click. Given the fact that photos get an 87% engagement rate on Facebook, it’s easy to understand how incorporating visual imagery into your social strategy is a smart move.

Before diving into imagery, there are a few things you will want to take into consideration to not only get the most out of your efforts, but also to make sure you are playing by the rules. If you have a collection of photos you have taken in the past or if you enjoy taking photos, these are the best types of images to use because they share a part of you with your audience. To keep up with imagery demands, schedule one day a month where you go on photo walks in nature, in cities, wherever you feel inspired. If you don’t have the time or you simply don’t like to take photos, use stock images that ensure you are not infringing on anyone’s copyright and tools like Canva to add text and graphics.

MAS Guy Kawasaki images.003


Adding fuel to the empire… create a community around the imagery you share.  Here are 5 simple strategies to facilitate connection between your fans and followers using your imagery:

  1. Design photos with your own inspirational messages and invite inspirational responses. For example, share one of your photos with an inspirational quote from someone you admire and ask your audience to share their favorite inspirational quotes. This lets your audience participate in the sharing process and enables them to contribute and have a voice.
  2. Share your expertise by creating informative images (like infographics or simple one liners) that invite conversation. One way to get started with this idea is if you have tips that you like to share via Twitter or a particular tweet that has received a lot of shares. Create a graphic based on what has already been shared and do it in a way that makes the message fresh.
  3. Create images that promote contests based on user generated image responses. In other words, create an image about a contest where participants are eligible to win a prize for the best image they create and share in your community. This way, your community starts to speak in images and you get user generated content to share and reward community members! Win-win. (Just make sure you let participants of the campaign know if you intend to share their submitted images and give them link love).
  4. Develop images with questions that invite community members to share their stories/tips. People love stories. They love to tell them and they love to hear them. It helps us to feel more connected, to laugh, to cry, to support one another in this human journey. Images that invite this type of interaction are a great way to step to the side and let your community members share the spotlight. It encourages communication between community participants and allows them to feel important.
  5. Produce image montages of your community members and their images put into videos. If you haven’t already gathered images from your community members, brand advocates, influencers, or ambassadors, now is a great time to do that. You can start by creating a video montage thanking active members of your community with screenshots of their tweets from your tweet chat, Twitter or LinkedIn profile images, or better yet, from the images submitted in #3!


These are just a few suggestions to get you started. If you have any tips or suggestions, please leave them in the comments. If you’d like to hear more about using imagery for social selling from @KimGarst you will enjoy this episode of the Mass Amplify Show!


In this episode of the Mass Amplify Show, bestselling author Kim Garst shares the story of how she went from attracting clients (in the pre-social network era) in AOL chat rooms to shifting to Facebook, Twitter and other channels. We discuss why your email list matters, how to build your list from followers across all social platforms and how to use imagery to grow your digital brand.

In addition, Kim shares some expert tips for ultimately selling your products and services to your followers (hint: you will find a tremendous amount of value in her new book! #BeYou)

There are plenty of take aways for digital brand builders in this episode, like building a team to scale your business and why the know, like and trust philosophy matters when it comes to ROI. Be prepared to take notes and if you have any questions or comments after listening, feel free to tweet @KimGarst or @BrittMichaelian with the hashtag #massamplify

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Brian Moran Quote from Mass Amplify Show

5 Things Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Should Know About Digital Branding with @BrianMoran

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Whether you are an employee within a large company looking to make things happen or a business owner looking to disrupt an industry, your digital footprint matters. When you engage in social media on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other platform as a means to promote your message or sell your offerings, you are a brand. Are you building a powerful digital brand that rises above the noise to get amplified?
Here are 5 very important things entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs need to know to build a digital brand that gets noticed:
1. It’s not optional anymore – Your competition is doing it. Get a professional headshot taken once a year. Create an interesting bio that isn’t all hashtags or a one liner that makes people scratch their heads. Your bio should tell people who you are, what you do and how you can help them in as few characters as possible. See what you competition is doing and make sure you are not just in step with them, but a few steps ahead.
2. Know what makes you unique. Why should your followers pay attention to what you have to say? How is your message different from 5 other people who do what you do? How and who will you help?
3. Consistency doesn’t have to be a chore. Set reminders in your mobile device to engage on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn every day at specific times. If there is a popular chat in your niche, set a reminder to be there. If someone hosts a great hangout, remind yourself 5 min before so you can get set up. If you are busy, just send a quick message of gratitude or just a greeting.
When you have a few minutes, hang out and have some conversations. Make it easy and fun and you are more likely to participate. Social media is about being social, so show up and be you. The more you show up, the more comfortable people will be interacting with you, just like at networking events. Consistency matters because it makes people feel like they can know, like and trust you.
4. Caring and giving are essential to your success. Just like in person conversations, people want to be listened to and they want pats on the back. Be generous sharing and engaging with other people’s content. It helps you to be seen as a resource and let’s people know you are paying attention. Give virtual hugs. Give compliments. To learn more about this, listen to Ted Rubin (#RonR) and Bryan Kramer (#Human2Human) on this topic.
5. Your brand is based on your values and strengths. Spend time getting to know yourself and build a brand that truly reflects who you are, what you believe and what your purpose is. Take your time cultivating this because it’s very important to your success as a brand. When you know yourself, it is easier for others to know you. Know your strengths. Know your limitations and share them with your audience. It makes you more relatable, which in turn makes people want to connect and amplify your message.
In episode 4 of Mass Amplify Show, Brian Moran talks about Social Media and Digital Branding for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.
In this episode of the Mass Amplify Show with Britt Michaelian, guest Brian Moran (CEO of Brian Moran & Associates and former Executive Director Sales Development at WSJ) shares his thoughts on the importance of building your personal digital brand whether you are an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur and how to have a strategy that helps you achieve specific business goals.


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Porter Gale on Mass Amplify Show

Why Passion Matters in Business and Marketing: An Interview with @PorterGale

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There is one thing that is absolutely essential to the success of every single entrepreneur on this planet. Without it, your business will either never get off the ground or will fail at some point. With it, you will have the energy that is needed to ride the ups and downs of life as an entrepreneur. Every high will lift you closer to your dreams. Every low will be another challenge to overcome.

What is it?


The funny thing is, passion isn’t just essential for your business success, it’s essential to thrive in LIFE. 

Porter Gale, Author of Your Network is Your Net Worth and Former VP of Marketing at Virgin America is a wonderful example of someone who lives with passion and helps others to remember to do the same. She is passionate about her work advising startups to succeed as she advises them on best practices with marketing and brand development and much more.

As someone who walks the talk, Porter is an exceptional role model for women in business. In between speaking engagements consulting and spending time with her daughter, she takes beautiful photos and enjoys hiking with friends. She is truly an expert when it comes to living with passion and marketing in a world where social capital is everything.

Please enjoy these wise words of wisdom from Porter’s TedX Talk and her interview on the Mass Amplify Show. She shares her story, her heart and her vision for marketers and brand builders looking to make a difference with their work.



Ep 3: Porter Gale on Entrepreneurial Passion, Consumer Expectations and more


Virality, mobile, recognizing shift in consumer expectations have changed way we make purchase decisions -… Click To Tweet

In this episode of the Mass Amplify Show with Britt Michaelian, guest Porter Gale (author, startup advisor and former VP of Marketing for Virgin America) shares her thoughts on how marketing has changed over the years from her advertising agency days to now. Porter also discusses the importance of passionate entrepreneurs having branding and a good product that offer value, virality, visual storytelling, an understanding of consumer expectations in the days of millennials and baby boomers, and more.

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Bryan Kramer on Mass Amplify Show

The Beginning of Something Great

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On January 1, 2015, the Mass Amplify Show launched with interviews from 2 of the nicest guys in social media, Ted Rubin and Bryan Kramer. I figured why not ask some of my favorite social media friends to join me in a casual conversation where no one is promoting anything, but we are just enjoying connection. I wanted to share candid conversations with stories about how a leader builds a brand on social media.

Ted and Bryan were awesome examples of how to show up, be you and teach others through storytelling. Enjoy!


Episode #1: Ted Rubin Return on Relationships in Social Media and Business



Episode #2: Bryan Kramer on Simplicity, Authenticity and Embracing Your Inner Focker