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Episode #20: Chelsea Krost on Millennials, Consistency and Refining Your Audience

Episode #19: Mark Schaefer on What Every Marketer Needs to Know to Stay Visible Online

Episode #18: Patricia Rossi on Twitter Connections, Knee Caps and Everyday Etiquette

Episode #17: Guy Kawasaki on Facebook, Google+, Canva and Reading the Tea Leaves in the Toilet

Episode #16: Pierce Brown, Author of Red Rising Trilogy on Social Media, Online Reviews and More

Episode #15: Mauricio Umansky on Brand Expansion, Company Culture and the Importance of Communication and Integrity

Episode #14: Phil Mershon of Social Media Examiner on Creativity and Event Networking Strategies

Episode #13: Bobby Lo of Vurb App on Disrupting the Tech Industry, Pitching Investors and More

Episode #12: Jen Groover on Licensing, QVC, Manifestation and Entrepreneurial Evolution

Episode #11: Liz DiAlto on Visibility, Rebranding and User Generated Content Experiences

Episode #10: Amy Vernon on Luck, Predictive Analytics, Journalism and Bacon

Episode #9: Ira Haberman on Creating Content To Attract Your Audience and Build Community

Episode #8: Alexis Neely on Living Out Loud, Handling Haters, Ayauasca and Branding Multiple Personas

Episode #7: Brian Fanzo on Social Leadership, Social Selling and Making Waves on Social Media

Episode #6: Carlie Butler aka Youtuber @CarlieStylezz on YouTube Content Creation, Branding, Brand Partnerships and Life

Episode #5: Kim Garst on Social Selling, the Power of Image and Inspiration and #BeYou

Episode #4: Brian Moran on Social Media and Digital Branding for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

Episode #3: Porter Gale on Entrepreneurial Passion, Consumer Expectations and more

Episode #2: Bryan Kramer on Simplicity, Authenticity and Embracing Your Inner Focker

Episode #1: Ted Rubin on Return on Relationships in Social Media and Business


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