In this post by Mass Amplify Show guest Jodi Okun, you will learn the power of having what Jodi calls a “Twitter Crush.” I like to refer to these types as unofficial mentors or social role models.

Do you have a Twitter crush who has made a difference for you? Thank them!

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One thing is certain, if you want to kick it up a notch with your digital brand, consciously choose one to ten people who inspire you on social media, check in with their stream daily, retweet their posts (use Buffer if you have to space them out) that resonate with you, pay attention to who they have conversations with and how they grow their brand. And always make sure to thank them for inspiring you.


Now, without further adieu… a word from the lovely Jodi Okun:

Yes, it is true Twitter crushes have inspired me to be a better small business owner. They help me to create marketing processes and systems to keep my brand fresh, up to date and cutting edge. These fundamentals for incorporating Twitter as part of a small business strategy can also help you to grow your business. Let me explain…

Becoming an active participant in the Twitter universe can help you to generate leads, share information with prospects or customers, and build a brand image.

Twitter for any brand is a perfect place to get comfortable on social media. Find your brand voice and bring your personal style into 140 characters. Keep it simple. Follow and get to know people and brands on social media and nurture those relationships off line at conferences, meetings and hangouts.

I admit I have been on social media for several years now, but at first I remember thinking it was hard to figure out what to say. I wondered who would talk to me, who should I talk to? Many of the same questions I had, other business owners have about themselves and their brand. Being a systems lover, I began a project in my company where I picked several people on Twitter who I felt were doing great work, I followed them, learned about their brand, read every blog post, Twitter post, and e-newsletter – and this is where my crushing began.

As a business owner I value education. I am an avid learner, absorb information at lightening pace and read everything I can get my hands on. So, I want to clarify that a Twitter crush is not a romantic crush at all. It is more like having a teacher that doesn’t really know you’re in their class, but they give you tons of valuable information that can make a huge difference in your business. You know their brand, you know their sense of humor, their message, their story. Agreeing with one of their tweets or a series of tweets that strike you in that laugh out loud mode while you are working, roaming around Twitter is like having someone at the office who you enjoy taking breaks with but who also inspires you to be better.

A Twitter crush for me is networking brought to life. When I meet my Twitter crush I say, “Hi, Here is what I do (so nice to finally meet you) tell me more about you. How can we get to together and do better things in business? “

Many successful entrepreneurs reflect on their mentors who have brought concrete learning to manage steps in life and business. Twitter crushes are another way to define a mentor. It is someone who brings value to what you are doing in business or life. Now go out and find your Twitter crushes and when you meet them in person thank them. I can guarantee they will appreciate you taking the time to let them know that the work they are doing is making an impact.